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Hi, I’m Siyanda, a girl who is about to be a high school graduate. I am passionate about photography, home decor, nature and travel. Reading is good for my soul, but believe you me, writing for the world out there melts my heart – I love it more than the world itself. Thanks for visiting!

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Hi, I’m Siyanda. Being in the third grade ended with an award for being the tidiest kid in school. Grade seven ended with a speech from the most responsible school prefect (me). I walked away with an award for being the best performing student in Language in grade ten…The cup with my picture and the school’s emblem I got for being a prefect, still in grade ten recently broke…I hate spring cleaning!

Hey. As I’m updating this part of my blog, I’m having a quite bittersweet feeling about the opening of schools in my country. Pray with me, for the sake of my sanity, I have to be able to juggle both schoolwork and my blog. I love them both equally – schoolwork and my blog have became my babies. My number one priority has always been my academics until baby “carpediedm.wordpress.com” was birthed😍. I literally cannot choose between these two babies, so, I guess I’ll handle them both with care; as delicate as they are😌🤗

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